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Among the 10 global new crown vaccine trials that have entered Phase 3, 4 are from China.


China National Pharmaceutical Group Sinopharm has developed two new crown vaccines, both of which have entered phase 3 trials. One of them started a phase 3 clinical trial in the UAE in June this year, and the number of people participating in the trial has exceeded 20,000. In addition, the inactivated vaccine they developed was launched for emergency use in China on July 22. On August 5 this year, the new crown inactivated vaccine production workshop of the Beijing Institute of Biology obtained the production license from the regulatory authority. China Finance Network reported that this production workshop is the world's first and largest inactivated vaccine production workshop for COVID-19. Together with the production base in Wuhan, the annual output of Sinopharm's new crown vaccine will reach 200 million.

In September of this year, the vaccine developed by China Biotech was authorized by the UAE Ministry of Health and was included in the emergency vaccine list. This is China's first vaccine that has received international recognition.

Currently, the countries participating in the Phase 3 vaccine trial of Sinopharm Group China Biology are mainly Pakistan, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Zhou Song, the legal counsel of China National Pharmaceutical Group, told the media on September 11 that their inactivated vaccine will be available in December this year at the earliest.


Sinovac Biotech has also entered the third phase. The company's inactivated new crown vaccine CoronaVac may be launched in 2021. According to the company's chairman Yin Weidong, human immunity will remain at least 6 months after vaccination. The production line of this vaccine has been built at the end of March this year, and it can produce 100 million vaccines every year after it is put into production.


The recombinant new crown vaccine developed by Chen Wei's team from the Academy of Military Sciences of the Chinese People's Liberation Army entered Phase 1 clinical trials as early as March this year, and entered Phase 2 in April. The Phase 3 trial was originally planned to be conducted in Canada, but it failed to take place. Until September this year, the vaccine was approved for Phase 3 clinical trials in Russia and Pakistan. Chen Wei once told Xinhua News Agency that after the results of the third phase of the test, production capacity will also keep up. She said, "Our recombinant COVID-19 vaccine has been prepared for mass production since its phase 1 clinical trial. From the current point of view, the goal of 300 million annual output is achievable." As for the development process of the COVID-19 vaccine, Chen Wei That said, there is no doubt that China is in the first phalanx of the world's new crown vaccine research and development.

Poland companies are working on the coronavirus vaccine (picture-alliance / NurPhoto / J. Porzycki)


The new crown vaccine of AstraZeneca Life Science in the United Kingdom is generally favored by all walks of life. However, in September this year, the trial was suspended due to serious side effects, and the clinical trial was resumed a few days later . The relevant new crown vaccine codenamed AZD1222 is considered by the industry as one of the most advanced new crown vaccine research and development projects. Its clinical trials have been launched in the United Kingdom, Brazil, South Africa and other countries, with a total scale of tens of thousands. The European Union has high hopes for this vaccine, and pre-ordered 400 million AZD1222 vaccines in mid-August.


The messenger ribonucleic acid vaccine (based on mRNA technology) developed by Germany's BioNTech and Pfizer in the United States has also entered phase 3 clinical trials, and China's Fosun Pharma has participated in the cooperation.


American Moderna Pharmaceuticals entered Phase 3 trials on July 27 this year. According to figures released by the company, as of September 16, 25,296 participants have been registered for this trial, and 10,000 have received placebo or trial vaccination. At the end of September, Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel stated that their new crown virus vaccine could not be ready before the US presidential election.


The so-called single-dose new crown vaccine of Johnson & Johnson of the United States has already conducted clinical trials on 60,000 people, and the company said it will be informed of the key results of the trial early next year. If the results are positive, the emergency use of the vaccine will soon be authorized by the government.


The third phase of the US Novavax trial was launched in the UK at the end of September, and 10,000 people participated. The planned clinical trial of 30,000 people in the United States will start in October.


The only officially registered new crown vaccine in the world comes from Russia. On August 11 this year, Russian President Putin announced that the country has registered the world's first new crown vaccine. One of his daughters has been vaccinated. It is worth noting that this Russian "Sputnik-V" (Sputnik-V) has not yet undergone phase 3 clinical trials when it was registered. The trial was launched on August 31, and the planned mass vaccination will begin in December.

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