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Can the air conditioner at home be turned on?

1. Can the air conditioner at home be used?

Professor Zhang Xu, director of the Institute of HVAC of Tongji University, said that because the household split air conditioner is an indoor unit, as long as there is no virus in the home, the air will only circulate in the home, and then through the pressure difference between indoor and outdoor wind, let the outdoor air in Inside the house. Except for the close proximity to the hospital, generally speaking, the outdoor ambient air around us is clean air.

Professor Zhang Zhijiang from the School of Health of Wuhan University also said that for household suspended or vertical air conditioners, the air inlet should be assessed for safety and cleanliness before use. After the filter and movement have been cleaned and disinfected, they should be used according to specific conditions.

This also means that as long as the above conditions are met, it is safe to use a household split air conditioner.

2. Remember to clean, disinfect and ventilate!

In addition to the epidemic factor, most families only use air conditioners in summer. It is common for air conditioners to accumulate dust and bacteria if they are left unused for a long time. Therefore, they need to be cleaned before use.

On the other hand, because the internal and external units of the split air conditioner are not connected, the ventilation effect cannot be achieved. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to more ventilation and adjust the indoor air in use. If possible, users can place an air purifier in the room to better purify the indoor air environment.

△Be sure to clean the air conditioner before unused for a long time, which can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria

Tips for cleaning general household air conditioners

1. Cleaning tools: air conditioner cleaning agent, plastic case cleaning agent, scouring brush, scouring pad (2~3 pieces), screwdriver and other tools.

2. Remove the air deflector and filter, remove the middle frame screws and remove the shell. Remove the remote control signal receiving board, remove the temperature sensor, and remove the wind guide blades.

3. Put on the air conditioner waterproof jacket, spray air conditioner cleaning agent, clean aluminum fins, spray plastic shell cleaning agent, clean the wind wheel, brush the air conditioner wind wheel. Brush the aluminum fins of the air conditioner, rinse the air-conditioning wind wheel, and clean the air-conditioning drain.


※In view of the complexity of the above process, it is recommended that those who are not aware of their skills ask professionals to do it.

The problem of turning on the air conditioner at home is solved

Some friends at work will ask again

Central air conditioning in offices and office buildings,Is it safe? What about the central air conditioner?

1. Is the central air-conditioning safe?

On February 2, the National Health Commission held a press conference. Zhang Liubo, the chief disinfection expert of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the director of the disinfection center of the Environmental Institute, said that before using the central air conditioner, the type of air conditioner, the range of air supply, and the outlet of fresh air should be The cooling pool and sanitary indicators are combined with the characteristics of the building to conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine whether to use central air conditioning. Central air-conditioning has strict design specifications. If it is done according to the specifications, it should be safe.

On February 12, the National Health and Health Commission issued the "Guidelines for the Operation and Management of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems in Offices and Public Places During the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic" to guide the safe and reasonable use of air-conditioning and ventilation systems in office and public places during the new crown pneumonia epidemic to prevent air-conditioning and ventilation The opening of the system led to the spread and spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, protecting users to the greatest extent.

On the other hand, many experts also said that the possibility of central air conditioners being infected with the virus is extremely low. Professor Zhang Xu, director of the Institute of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning of Tongji University, said that as of now, there are no real cases of viruses spreading by air-conditioning systems in the world. They are all in our simulated situation.

For most of you who have resumed work and production, this also means that with effective protective measures, you can enjoy the air-conditioning with confidence.

2. How to use central air conditioner correctly

Professor Zhang Xu, director of the Institute of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning of Tongji University, said that when using central air-conditioning, windows should be opened for ventilation as much as possible, and the fresh air rate should be increased when setting up the air-conditioning system. When you can open the window, open the window and increase the fresh air volume. The original fresh air may only be 20%, and the fresh air volume increases as soon as the window is opened.

The Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention also stated at a press conference held on April 20 that to meet the epidemic prevention requirements and sanitary conditions, for building managers, central air conditioning needs to operate in "cooling mode" and "fresh air mode". , This not only ensures that the incoming air is fresh outdoor air, but also ensures the cooling effect. The only problem is that it may consume electricity.

Conditional areas still need to open windows for frequent ventilation.

3. The air conditioner is turned on, and the epidemic prevention cannot be relaxed!

Although sound management and technical means can effectively reduce the hidden dangers of virus transmission, protective measures still cannot be slackened. Wearing masks and frequent hand washing still cannot be forgotten. For the friends at work, it is also necessary to disinfect public areas regularly.

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